We interrupt this regularly scheduled program…

Dear Jacob,

I am thrilled that you have finally learned to crawl. It is cute watching you make your way down the hall. I was just on the phone tonight with your daddy, who was at work late. I was telling him it was time to buy baby gates!

Who knew you would prove me wrong?

Apparently, yesterday was the time to buy baby gates! You must be made of rubber. You tumbled down at least 4 stairs- maybe 5. I don’t know for sure, because I guess I skipped them all on the way to pick you up, to make sure you were okay. And you were- you were kinda freaked out (understandably) but otherwise just fine. No bruises, no bumps, no broken bones. And you were smiling about 20 seconds later. (I counted… because my heart had also stopped and I was starting to feel woozy…)

I’m sorry, baby. I should have been more prepared, but I’m so glad you have a hard head like your daddy. And I’m sure this won’t be the last tumble you take- but the stairway gates go up tomorrow, and you’ll have to explain that to the cats. They will not be happy.

Love, Mama

Lots of new pictures on my Flickr page…

Click the flickr link to the right, I uploaded 100 photos of Jacob tonight :)

Happy Eight months (almost on time…) Jacob!

Dear Jacob,

Just like the 7th month, the past four weeks have been totally insane. Is this a sign of things to come, or do you think it will slow down a little? I hope so- in many ways I feel like I’m forgetting really important stuff, though you seem to be coming along just fine. I guess we just learn to make do as things change, don’t we?

Once you passed your earache from one ear to the other, you decided to get serious about bringing on the teeth. It seems like it’s been a full month of fussy- but I have a feeling that’s because your dad has been working 10, 15 and sometimes 24 and 36 hour days, while my work has gotten much more demanding and I arrive home with you totally wiped out from work myself. If there was one word to describe the past four weeks, it would be TIRED.
But as miserable as some days were, there were moments of greatness and days where I couldn’t be prouder to be your mother.

You did finally cut that tooth, in the midst of a week of fussiness, being not-hungry for solids and sleeping only a couple of hours at a time. It popped through razor-sharp and bright white. We think the others are close behind, though I will admit it will be okay with me if you want to leave out the teething woe-is-me attitude for the rest of them.

You’ve learned to hold your own bottle, you will stand up on your own if we offer our fingers as support, and you learned to turn on your fisher price aquarium by punching the button. You love your play phone, but still have a magnetic attraction to real remotes and phones. It must be a guy thing.


Your grandfather, (G-Bob) and “aunt” Vicki, (A-Vic), came to Seabeck to spend a week with you. G-Bob hasn’t seen you since you were 4 weeks old, so this was quite a visit! You did your best to show off. You smiled, you laughed, you went everywhere we asked you to go with a cheerful disposition. G-Bob taught you to take steps, and there’s a theory out there that you will walk before you learn to crawl at this rate. You love to dance and give kisses now. We took you to IKEA for a shopping venture, to pick up baby-proofing latches and eat sweedish meatballs. You sat in a highchair and ate your carrots and prunes like a pro. I guess the restaurant high-chair thing started last month, to be honest- no more infant carrier in a sling unless you are super-tired. You really enjoy watching us eat.

You have a fascination with objects and things like ceiling fans and anything else that moves that makes us think you’re destined to be an engineer. You certainly come from a family full of them- though I will do my darndest to make sure you get a healthy dose of art and music too. Gonna be tough to fight the genetics though.

Within a day or two of the tooth popping in, after a week of misery, we loaded you up with 4 other suitcases, a carseat and stroller and took off for a nice long trip to the south. We made sure to pick the hottest weeks on record (not a day below 100 degrees, as far as we can tell) and flew a red-eye flight to Memphis, drove to Huntsville to visit family, and then back to Hernando, Mississippi where I sit here and type this letter to you.
Last Sunday, you were baptized at First United Methodist Church in Huntsville, with all your family in attendance, including your cousin Addison. She is a beautiful little girl and I look forward to the days when you, Addison and your other cousin Matthew can get together and conspire against us all. What fun the holidays will be!

This past month had other firsts too- not so good firsts. You rolled off the bed for the first time, and were more shocked than hurt, quickly recovering. I put you on the bed and turned around for a moment, hearing a thud- knowing exactly what had happened. I figure that is just the first of many thuds I’ll hear. I also forgot to pick you up from daycare about two weeks ago. Things around the house had gotten so stressful. I had a list of things to think of a mile long and instead of turning left one afternoon to pick you up, I turned right as if on auto-pilot and got another 10 minutes towards home before I realized I had forgotten you. I am so sorry. You never knew what had happened, and the daycare was very nice about it- but I still feel awful. You also broke your first dish at a restaurant. At the Cracker Barrel in Memphis, right after I strapped you into your highchair, you grabbed the creamer dish and sent it sailing across the table and onto the tile floor before I could even blink. Much like falling off the bed- I’m sure that won’t be the last thing I hear hitting the ground. And to think- you aren’t even mobile yet!

You are so close to crawling that you can taste it. It’s hard to describe, but you have all the parts down. You can move your hands, move your legs. You can tuck your knees underneath you. You can push up on all fours- and yet you only go backwards… (with much whining and the occasional banging of your forehead on the carpet for emphasis.) If we pick up your hindquarters, and move your legs for you, you will move your hands. I’m guessing that if we moved your hands for you, you’d move your legs- but so far, it just hasn’t come together yet. We have even watched you transition from your back, to your tummy, then pull up to a push-up position, walk your hands backwards, and sit on your butt. Not long now…


You continue to love the water. Baths, baby pools, big pools- you take to it like a duck. Someday we hope to give you a pool of your own. Of course, you need to live somewhere a little warmer first.

And oh, what a ham you are for the camera. All I have to do to get you to smile is pull it out and call your name. My little poster boy- I do love you!


Love, Mama

Happy Seven months (a month late) Jacob!

Dear Jacob,

It’s not that I forgot your 7-month birthday… quite the opposite. You grew up so much that month it was crazy. From June 15th to July 15th we encountered a blur of family visits, drama at your mama’s work, and a shipyard schedule that nearly killed your daddy.


Your seventh month was spent entirely in the company of your older brothers, Clayton and Cade. You were in awe of the movement and noise that seemed to surround them. You did your best to capture their attention, and by the time they left in July, you were totally smitten with them both. Such fun!


You mastered the tummy-to-back roll, and within a week, you had the back-to-tummy roll down as well. You decided you no longer wanted to sleep on your back either, and started sleeping on your side whenever possible. You managed to sleep through the night for a whole week (!) before contracting a cold and subsequent earache that put you back in a fitful sleep pattern for the rest of the month.

In daycare, they started to put you in the bigger baby room, where there are things to crawl around on. You no longer mind time spent on your tummy, and it’s clear that you would like to be more mobile. You can sit up for hours without me having to worry about you banging your head. You love nothing more than a basket of toys to pull out and play with, and can entertain yourself for quite a while.

You really like Joe, the young man who watched Clayton and Cade during their days with us. You showed off to Joe one morning by sitting up in your cradle swing, on the edge with your hands on either side, swinging side to side as if that’s the way it’s meant to be. Nearly gave your mother a heart attack. Thank goodness you were buckled in.

You no longer care for your baby papas an chair. You still love your exersaucer though, really enjoy your backpack, and have started to enjoy bouncing around in the Johnny Jump-up. Your strength and stamina are pretty amazing!


Your grandparents, Nana and Granddaddy came on July the 4th to spend a few days with all of you. You spent the long weekend with them being constantly entertained and we worried that when everyone was gone you might suffer from withdrawl from all the attention. You had a pretty bad cold during their visit, and then shared it with both your mama, and Nana and Granddaddy. All those kisses! You little stinker!


You took your first trip to the Seattle aquarium, and slept through the majority of it. You also enjoyed a tour of the harbor in Seattle, ate dinner with us at the crab shack, and otherwise became quite the little day-traveler. I was pretty upset when your brothers left town. It would be so nice to have them closer to us, so that you can really get to know them as you all grow.

You had your first babysitter, Joe’s sister Suzie. Suzie watched all three of you as your dad and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. Our five years of marriage have been just as much of a blur as the past month, but we are so happy together, and you seem to be the icing on the cake. So even though it’s a bit late, happy 7 months, sweetie.

Love, Mama

Happy Half Birthday (plus 8 days), Jacob!

Dear Jacob,

I just finished editing your 6 month video, and much like the first one, I had a hard time looking over the footage and admitting how much you have changed in just 3 months. You’ve really grown up and developed a true sense of personality! Even though your 6-month appointment isn’t until next week, I snuck you into the pediatrician’s office and weighed and measured you myself on the exact date (and time, now that I think of it) that you turned 6 months old.

You weigh 20 pounds, 11 ounces and you’re 28 1/4 inches long. This puts you in the 95% for both height and weight. No wonder none of your 6 month clothes fit. To be honest, even the 9-month clothing is getting small- and the days of easily toting you around in the infant carrier are over. We still use it, but it’s not easy.

This past month has been full of milestones. We started feeding you fruits and vegetables. You now eat carrots, apples, peaches, peas, and sweet potatoes. You tried banana and didn’t think much of it. If I could keep an avocado good for more than a day, then you could have some of that too! The only thing left in the baby food stockpile you haven’t gotten to try yet are green beans.

You also finally rolled over for the first time. You seriously had rather not- by no means do you see it as a mode of transportation- but in a pinch, if you must, with great protest, you’ll roll from your tummy to your back.

You now sleep in your crib all the time- even most naps. And you love it. You love your fisher-price aquarium with the fishies that swim and the bubbles and lights, you love your catapillar, your jingle toys, and mostly, you like it when we come in to get you in the morning. And for the first time last week, you slept all night for 3 whole nights in a ROW! It was like Christmas to your mother. I also finally got your baby quilt finished and hung in your room. If you are lucky, someday I might let you even have it!
Your hair has completely come back in! Yay! You’re sporting a cut almost like your dad’s, but you’re a blond, with warm tones of almost red in the sunlight. Your eyes remain blue on the outside and are hazel in the centers, much like mine, but prettier.
Dad and me at the Zoo
You can now sit up unassisted, and you like to play with an assortment of toys that I place in front of you. On the rare occasion you’ll plunk backwards and knock your noggin, but for the most part, you are quite entertained.

The ladies at daycare tell me that you are the most easy-going baby they have. They say you are patient, self-entertaining, that you practically tell them when it’s time for a nap, and that you don’t mind being the last to eat. Now, around here, the words “patient” and “eat” do not belong together. For when it is time to feed you, I can’t possibly get it ready or in your mouth fast enough This has not changed since the day you were born. I’m glad daycare is there to teach you patience.

You also have increased your vocabulary of nonsense, which is adorable during the day, and almost as adorable at 3 am. My favorite word of yours so far has been “umpwah” which for one week, and one week only, that was what we heard when it was time to get you from your crib in the morning.
“Ummmmmpwah. Umpwah. Ooooooommmpwah?” You had us both in hysterics. It almost made it worth getting up at 5:30.
You still won’t say ma-ma but you’ll go dya-dya-dya-dya-dya which is close enough to da-da for both of us. And sometimes, your inflection reminds me of the character Borat, but I’m not sure that’s something to brag about… we’ll see where that goes.

You love to swim- we have taken you swimming now 5 times and each time you’ve done nothing but smile and laugh. You’ve been dunked a few times and have not cried, you kick with your feet when I put you on your belly, and you even manage to keep the water out of your mouth for the most part. You are quite the waterbaby.

Your brothers have come to live with us for your 6th month. I can tell you are fascinated by them- and they are great entertainment for you. They have also been great help with you- they feed you, play with you, and carry your toys around for me when I need them. I hope you always look up to them. Cade will be a great influence, and it doesn’t get more fun than Clayton. What fun it will be to watch you grow up in their footsteps.

And now, it seems you want to type a little to yourself. Please do not drool on my keyboard, okay? Thanks!

ff 9nlb jvdffefnb Q

Well, that was short, but I’m sure it will make sense to you someday. Jacob, perhaps the biggest thing I’d like to remember about you the past month was the pure joy you seem to have for almost everything. If someone wants to learn to smile with their whole body, they should take lessons from you. It is impossible not to smile back at you when you are laughing and grinning. You can make even my toughest days wonderful.

This is going to be a Summer of visitors for you, and it will be lots of fun to watch you meet and interact with your grandparents again. You are going to get to see Grandpa G-Bob and “Auntie” Vicki when they come up in late July, and Nana & Granddaddy from Mississippi when they come over the 4th of July holiday. It will most likely also be the summer of teeth! We can tell they are right below your gums right now, and anything within 4 inches of your face gets pulled into your mouth as a teether. That unfortunately includes used diapers, my nose and chin, the cat’s tail, the tv remote- anything and everything.

Jacob, I’m just amazed that this gets more and more fun every day. I know I say this each month, but so far, this has been my favorite. This video was just as hard, if not harder for me to make than the first one. Watching all the tape for the first time since we recorded it is very bittersweet, but I know I have captured it well when I can’t watch the finished product without blubbering like an idiot. Jacob, you should probably just get used to that. Mama can’t handle that you’re growing up so fast. And your cuteness just can’t be put on pause long enough.

So happy half a year, Jacob. May the second half be even more fun than the first.


Happy Five months, Jacob!

Dear Jacob,

My little baby isn’t so little anymore (sniff…)


You’ve about outgrown every bit of your 6 month clothing. You’re in size 3 diapers. You’re too heavy to carry in your infant carrier now, though some would say maybe you were even too heavy from the start-

You continue to be a delightful baby though. I have no complaints- not one. The daycare ladies say they love you too, though that may have been before the great prune juice experiment of May 2007. You went through quite a few outfits last week. Oh well.

What’s with the testing of limits though? It is fun to watch. You push the bottle away and then look at me to see what my reaction is. You wiggle through diaper changes and go stiff-legged when I try and fold you into your footie pajamas too. But all of this is done in fun- there’s rarely a protest.

In fact, I think you’re teething, because you are running a low-grade fever and we can see changes in your gumline. You put everything in your mouth and bite down on it, including my fingers. But if you go through teething like you went through your 2 and 4 month vaccinations, it might not be that bad. My fingers are crossed.

Your exersaucer continues to be the center of your playtime universe.


You concentrate so hard on the toys- methodically pulling and pushing and spinning and flipping each one until you move onto another thing. Your daddy and I comment that you’re in the office and are busy… you mustn’t be bothered. You also like “flying” or being pressed into the air horizontally- there are huge smiles and lots of drool.


Today we had another photo session at home and I got some great pictures of you. Still no verdict on your eye color, but your hair continues to be a strawberryish blond. And finally, you’re even getting enough hair to shampoo again!


It’s been a rough month with your daddy on the boat so much, in fact, tonight he’s putting the boat in drydock and I don’t expect him home until the morning. On the one hand, I feel like I’ve bonded with you even more because of it, but it was a little heartbreaking when your daddy came home after 5 days at sea, and you looked at me to see if I thought that it was okay that you were being held by someone else, maybe someone you kinda remembered… hopefully the next time he has to go for any length of time, I will be able to show you pictures of your daddy and talk about his return, and you’ll be old enough to understand daddy is gone for a little while, and yet young enough that you won’t remember him ever being gone.

We have started to give you rice cereal.


So far, it’s not a big hit. I’ll give it another three days or so, and then I might try oatmeal instead- we can go back to rice later on. Oh, how quickly you learned to turn away from the spoon! I’m going to be making most of your baby food, I figure I like to cook, and I know that what I make has to taste better than the stuff Gerber puts in jars. It’s also my plan to help recoup the cost of the formula we keep shelling out $12 a can for. And that’s cheap, for formula. Someday I will give you lots of guilt for preferring the bottle over me! Anyway, I’ll start with avocado and banana, sweet potatoes, applesauce, peas, carrots, and eventually you’ll just get a pureed version of whatever it is we’re eating for dinner. I’m trying not to overthink it- but at the same time, it will take a little planning. I hope you understand.

We’re hoping the rain will let up a little this weekend so that we can go to Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, but right now it’s forecasted to be a chilly 58 degrees and raining all weekend. Maybe we’ll just stay in our pajamas and watch movies on cable instead. If you get really bored, we might take you to the pool again. You are such a waterbaby!

Well, little bug- sweet dreams. You’re so cute when you’re asleep- arms stretched wide. You’re dreaming about something right now, you’re breathing fast and twitching like a cat. Been taking lessons from Noah, I guess!


Happy Four Months, Three weeks (oops) Jacob!

Jacob, I’m sorry.

Time is starting to get away from us! As you approached your four month birthday, I was busy preparing for the arrival of your brothers and sister, your grandma Pam and grandpa Bill. And then we were recovering… and and and…

There’s just no good excuse. In fact, I’ve taken some video, but the picture taking has slowed waaaaay down too. I did manage to do a little work on your baby book though, so all is not lost. I’ll make it up to you!
Wow. First things first… at your four month appointment, which was actually last week, you weighed in at a nice hefty 17.5 pounds and were 26 inches long. That puts you in the 75-90% for both height and weight. You’re wearing 6-9 month clothing and size 3 diapers now. You got more shots, and at first, I was concerned. She gave you a shot and you didn’t blink. Didn’t cry… nothing! I looked at the nurse and both of our jaws dropped. The second and third shots were just enough though… finally you let us know how much you didn’t appreciate being stabbed with a needle. You are quick to recover though. What a blessing.

You have now lost almost all of your baby hair (waaahhhh!) and are growing a nice strawberry-blonde peach fuzz under what is left. Even the longish baby hair you have kept has faded in color to a super-light brown, so you no longer have the dark mop you were born with. In fact, you’re sporting quite the comb-over now. You have maintained very fair skin (like your mama) and your eyes are a toss-up, but I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if they ended up hazel or green. Right now they are the deep blue-gray you were born with at the edges, and hazel in the centers, with a really interesting color inbetween.

You talk. You jabber. You laugh. You fake-cry. (enh-hah…enh-hah…. as you look around to see if we’re watching…) You hardly ever cry for real though… and when you do, we get worried! Something must be wrong! Usually a nice bout of constipation. That, you get from the Perryman side of your family. Sorry!
You started blowing raspberries and you love it when we tap our finger on your mouth, so you can make a wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa sound. We can tell that you are soaking up everything. Always an expressive baby from the start, it’s so easy now to tell exactly what you are thinking. I love watching your little brows furrow with concentration. I seriously considered teaching you a few pieces of sign language because I used to worry that I wouldn’t know what was wrong when you cried. Well, it’s pretty easy to tell what you want. Thank you for that.

And another thing, I owe you big-time for being such an laid-back baby. You have no fear of people. You love your carseat. You love to take baths. You don’t mind naps. You go to bed without fussing. You grumble for a few minutes when I wake you on work-days (don’t we all?) but really- seriously- You are an easy baby. I fear you will be a terror as a toddler to make up for it.

Things I will always remember about your fourth month:
Pictures! We had your first portraits done, and you smiled. That was very considerate of you, but it cost us a fortune, as we just couldn’t decide which ones to buy. Your careful relationship with Noah- he’s starting to not hate you now. He still doesn’t like you much, but between you and me, I caught him snuggling up to you as we all shared our ever-shrinking bed this morning. Your love of the exersaucer. It must be the best invention in the world. You will spend an hour in the exersaucer, making your way around the toys, talking to them, smiling at us… drooling… a LOT. Then you will get super-hyper and jump jump jump and flail your arms about with excitement. It’s hilarious.
Exersaucer fun
It seems like every day, there’s something new to report, and yet I can’t keep up with it all. Today was the first day you basicly asked for a nap, and to be put to bed. I could tell you were tired… so I wrapped you in a blanket and put you in your crib. You sang, you played with a few crib toys… you threw your blanket off, and then you passed out. No crying, no whining. Just played, then slept. And again tonight… you were a bit fussy, and I tried to get you to nap in your boppy and your swing. What you really wanted was just to go to sleep though. I’ll learn, sweetie, it will just take me a little while to get used to the fact that YOU ARE ASKING TO GO TO BED. What kind of baby does that? Boy, am I in for it later.

So it’s been a fantastic 7 weeks since I last posted, probably the most fun yet. Maybe the whole reason I didn’t want to post earlier was because I was afraid I’d jinx things. But here we are, in just over a week, you’ll be five months old. FIVE MONTHS? Aaaaghhh!

And one more thing Jacob. You have a cousin coming! We don’t know him or her yet- but we’ll get the both of you together as soon as possible. Oh, the stories you two will tell someday.

So happy Four months, three weeks. I hope you have had half the fun I’ve had so far.
Love, Mama


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